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California Civil Code Section 3342 clearly states that the liability for this type of injury rests firmly with the owner of the dog. California makes no allowances for 'one free bite' or for owners who do not believe their dogs to be vicious. Even if the dog has never bitten before, you are still entitled to be compensated for the attack for both physical and emotional injuries.

While homeowners typically have insurance that may cover dog bites, insurance companies don't always want to compensate a dog bite victim. Many times, they will try to prove the dog was provoked, or state that the victim should have assumed the dog would attack or that the victim caused the attack in some way. Riverside dog bite lawyers at Rizio & Nelson are here to make sure that insurance companies are not going to make claims that if a dog bit someone else three months ago, or two years ago, it shouldn't be taken into consideration when settling your injury claim, which was caused by the same dog.

Don't assume you can't be compensated for injuries caused by a dog bite. Contact our Riverside Dog Bite Accident Attorney at the law office of Rizio & Nelson, for a free consultation, and let us discuss your case in detail and help you determine if you may be entitled to compensation.

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